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Van Gogh Museum Friday Evening

Van Gogh Museum Friday Evening

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The Van Gogh Museum is a must-see if you are visiting Amsterdam! Gaze upon the magnificent Van Gogh paintings with a visit to this museum. Nowhere in the world will you find this many paintings by Vincent van Gogh collected under one roof.

Van Gogh Museum Friday Evening:  The museum is normally closed at 18.00h but on Friday evening it remains open till 21.00h.  Start the weekend/trip with a great way to visit the museum in your own pace. We recommend this tour because Friday Evening is the quietest moment in the week to visit the Van Gogh Museum!

How does it work? Select your timeslot for entrance to get  entrance to the Van Gogh Museum. After your entrance you can stay as long as you like (till the moment the museum closes).  Be aware! After your order it is not possible to change the timeslot or the date. Make sure you select the right timeslot and date. 

Museumplein 6, Amsterdam

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