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Explore the Tulipfields Dutch style! Go by bike from Hillegom Station to the Keukenhof (15 minutes bike ride), skip the line at the Keukenhof and see millions of tulips in bloom!

The Keukenhof is by far one of the highlights of your visit to Holland. Did you know this flower garden has more than 7 million bulbs in bloom from March to May every year? When you enter the park you will see a variety of 800 tulips. There are 32 hectares of flowers that you can admire and the theme of this year in the park is ´Romance in Flower´.
But did you also know outside the park of the Keukenhof you can find a lot of flowerfields as well? The most flowerfields are located outside the Keukenhof since the Keukenhof is an exhibition. In the flowerfields around the Keukenhof you can see the actual production going on of tulip bulbs that will go all over the world. 

We combined the best of both worlds:
  • Skip the line tickets for the Keukenhof 
  • Self guided tour from Hillegom Station to the Keukenhof by bike (bike ride of 15 minutes)
  • Train tickets from different locations to Hillegom Station (2-way)

How does it work?

Select the date that you want to go to the Keukenhof. Select the destination you will depart from. You will receive a 2-way train ticket to Hillegom from where ever you want to departure. 

At Hillegom your bike will be waiting for you. After your reservation you will receive a code which you can use to unlock your bike. Don´t worry, when it does not work you can call us and we will help you out! You can arrive when you want there is no time limit on the day itself. The Keukenhof closes at 19.30h and you need to bring back the bike. 

Than you can start your bike ride to the Keukenhof (15 minutes). You will see many tulipfields on the way and when you arrive at the Keukenhof you can use your tickets to enter. You can determine how long to stay in the park. 

When you have visited the Keukenhof you will ride your back to Hillegom Central Station where you can take the train again. 

What is included?

  • Train ticket to Hillegom Station (2-way) 
  • Skip the line tickets for the Keukenhof
  • Bike Rental valid for the entire day (from 8.00h in the morning till 20.00h in the evening)

What is important to know?

In case of rain the reservation can not be cancelled. We advise to take a raincoat with you because the weather in Holland can change. Also check the weather predictions. 

We do recommend to make your reservation in advance. Because we need to make a reservation for the bike´s only online reservations can be accepted. There is no possibility to pick up the bikes at Hillegom itself without making a reservation online. 

To be able to unlock the bike you need an Iphone or an Android phone. This will take you a minute. There is a creditcard necessary to register and block the deposit (300 euro). When that is settled you can start using the bikes. Everything goes really easy. 

Departure locations:

Trains from all of these destinations start to operate from 6.30h in the morning. The tickets are valid all day and you get a detailed schedule so you can determine when to departure from which track at the station. 

Amsterdam Central Station

30 minutes per transfer
1 change (Leiden)

Rotterdam Central Station
57 minutes per transfer
1 change (Leiden)

Antwerp Central Station
3 hours and 4 minutes per transfer
2 changes (Roosendaal and Leiden)

Brussel Central Station
3 hours and 35 minutes per transfer
2 changes (Rotterdam and Leiden)

Bruges Central Station
4 hours and 26 minutes per transfer
4 changes (Gent, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Leiden)

Paris Nord
4 hours
2 changes (Amsterdam, Leiden)