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There is more to see in Holland than just Amsterdam... In the Grand Holland Tour you will visit the Port of Rotterdam, the typical Dutch city Delft, and the Royal Residence in the Hague!

This tour shows the beautiful province in the south of Holland. This tour will take you to Rotterdam, where the  world’s largest harbour is located. Afterwards, we head to Delft, one of the best-preserved old Dutch cities from the 17th century.

Here you will visit an earthenware factory, where craftsmen create beautiful Delftware. After a tour of the Hague, its government buildings and the Peace Palace, you will visit the miniature town of Madurodam, the smallest town in the Netherlands, which boasts miniatures of all well-known sights in the country.


  • Stop at Delft to view beautiful Delftware
  • See Rotterdam and one of the world's largest harbors
  • 1 h river cruise in Roterdam
  • Tour The Hague, seat of the Netherlands' government
  • View the Peace Palace
  • Check out the miniature city of Madurodam


  • Deluxe coach
  • Guide (English, Spanish and German)
  • Photostop in Peace Palace


Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 9.15 am

Make sure you arrive on time (30 minutes prior to departure)! 


9,5 hours

This tour leaves from  Central Station)