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A Trip to Holland is in March till May a combi of visiting Amsterdam and definitely the Keukenhof! The Tulip Festival Card is all you need to get the best out of both!

What is included

  • Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket (valid for travel in Amsterdam and to the Keukenhof)
  • Airport Transfer to Amsterdam by Train (to any station in Amsterdam)
  • Day Canal Cruise
  • Amsterdam 15% Discount Card (15% discount on Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Heineken Experience and much more!)
  • Keukenhof Transfer from Amsterdam/Schiphol
  • Keukenhof Skip the line Ticket
  • Flower Tour Audioguide
  • Flowerfield 15% Discount Card (15% discount on your Flowerfield Experiences)
  • Extra's! Included in the offer is your bus transfer to Volendam and Zaanse Schans (Windmills) 


Travel Ticket Amsterdam & Region

With your Travel Ticket you can use the tram, bus or metro unlimited in Amsterdam for the amount of days you selected. Easy to get from the canal district to Museum Square (where the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are located) back to the Red Light District. You can also use the card to get to Zaanse Schans, to Volendam, to Haarlem or Zandvoort (the beach). 

Airport Transfer

The first day you arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport the Tulip Festival Card is already giving you a lot of value. It includes an airport transfer by bus or train from the airport to Amsterdam. When traveling by train you can get off at any train station in Amsterdam. Easy for hotels located in the city centre, close to RAI, Bijlmer, Sloterdijk. Even if it is not close to any of these stations, Amsterdam is a small city, by tram you can use the card to get to your hotel quickly. 

Day Canal Cruise Amsterdam

When you visit Amsterdam there is only one way that enables you to see all the highlights and that is from the canals. Visit the unique canals, see the Anne Frank House, Skinny Bridge, the VOC ship, the many Canal Houses and you see how local life passes around. You can all view it easily and relaxed from your comfortable seat in the luxurious boat and you can enjoy a great audioguide!

Amsterdam 15% Discount Card

Your discount code can be used online so you are on time to make your reservations for great museums and attractions like the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Heineken Experience, Excursions (such as the Volendam and Zaanse Schans Tour), Cruises (Dinner Cruise, Candlelight Cruise), Bike Tours, Nightlife Activities and much more! Check here and here which ones.


Keukenhof Transfer

You can take bus 852 from Amsterdam, 854 from Schiphol, 50 from Haarlem and bus 859 from Hoofddorp to take the direct bus to the Keukenhof. The offer is included in the Travel Ticket Amsterdam & Region. The transfer is valid for both ways. 

Keukenhof Tickets

The Keukenhof will be one of your highlights when visiting Holland. The world’s most beautiful spring garden. In addition to over 32 hectares of flowers, the spring garden offers: 30 inspirational flower shows, 7 amazing inspirational gardens and 100 wonderful works of art.

Flowerfield Audioguide

Admire the bulb fields and the surroundings of Keukenhof with the self guided flower tour. This route of approximately 10 kilometers can be walked or cycled (rental bike not included). Along the way you will hear the story of the spring flowers of the Netherlands via an audio guide on your smartphone. Along the way you will come across several monuments and you can visit a tulip farm.
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Flowerfield 15% Discount Card

The Bollenstreek (literally is called the ´Bulb Area´) is one of the most famous areas of the world that without a doubt you probably recognize. Each year the Keukenhof is the exhibition location to show the world the Tulips from March till May. But in the Flowerfields around the Keukenhof millions of flowers are produced in this area showing beautiful flower fields. In the Tulip Festival Card you will get 15% discount on your Flowerfield Tours where you can join a guided bike tour, rent your own bikes, rent a Funsccooter Tour or rent an Electric Twizy to visit all the flower fields.

How does it work?

Select the date you arrive at Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Central Station to pick up the card . At Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Central Station you can pick up your Travel Card. From the moment you start using it it will be valid for 1 or 3 (consecutive days).


When do I need to visit the Keukenhof?

You can determine that yourself. The tickets for the Keukenhof are included in your Tulip Festival Card. Which means during your stay in Holland you can decide when to go to the Keukenhof. You will receive open tickets. We recommend not to visit the Keukenhof during the Flower Parade or during Eastern. 

How does it work with the Keukenhof Transfer?

Tulip Festival Card includes the Amsterdam Region Travel Card. This is a card you can pick up when you arrive at Schiphol at the Arrival Hall. This card has a chip which makes it possible you can travel around in Amsterdam or around Amsterdam. Between March and May, you can use the ticket to travel from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Keukenhof Gardens  (Arriva bus 858). You will receive more information when you pick up the card. 

How can I get the discounts in Amsterdam and the Flowerfield Experiences?

After your reservation you will receive a discount code of 15% which you can use online to make your reservations for anything you want to do in Amsterdam and in Lisse when you visit the Keukenhof. It works very simple. 

Where do I pick up the Travel Card and how does it work in Amsterdam?

The Travel Card can be picked up at the Airport or Amsterdam Central Station On your voucher you will see more instructions. There is a chip inside the card which you can scan when you enter the metro station or the tram. 

How do I get from the Airport to the city with the Amsterdam Travel Region Ticket?

You can use the card for all trains inside the Amsterdam area which means you can take the train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station. And from there you can take the tram or metro to your accommodation. 

When do I take the Canal Cruise?

You can determine yourself when to take the Canal Cruise. These are open tickets. On your tickets you can find more information about the departure times of the boats. 

Which time slots are available for the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum?

With your discount code you can get 15% discount for the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. During the reservation process you can see which timeslots are available. We recommend to book your Tulip Festival Card in time because when you book it last moment especially the Van Gogh Museum can be booked out. Please remember your discounts can only be redeemed online. 

How do I download the Flower Tour Audioguide?

You will receive a link and a code which enables you to download the audioguide. When you have the Flower Tour on your phone you can use it anytime you like. The Flower Tour is available in English, German and Dutch. 

What is the normal price?

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