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Guided Tour: Jewish Amsterdam (incl. Anne Frank story)

Guided Tour: Jewish Amsterdam (incl. Anne Frank story)

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As no other city in Holland Amsterdam has a Jewish history. 

The city of Amsterdam was during the golden century very happy with all the new immigrants who brought their abilities, knowledge, culture and money to Amsterdam. Later, also Jewish families from Eastern Europe moved to Amsterdam. The last group of Jewish came in during the Interbellum (period between 1st and 2nd World War) because they feared deportations.

The Jewish community established their own community in Amsterdam with their own language, culture and religion. They worked in the past in trading houses, banks, as lawyers and in the diamond industry. In this tour (which is given by an experienced guide who studied History of Amsterdam) we see many buildings that remind us of this culture like Synagogue´s, Diamond Factory, Jewish Theatre and many houses.

After the German invasion in Holland the Jewish side of the city has almost dissapeared. From the 80.000 Jewish persons that lived in 1941 were only 11.000 left in 1945. The horrible prosecution and the deportation of Jews in Amsterdam was almost completed. 

During the walk you will stop at the Portuguese Synagogue, the Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum, Waterlooplein, the Resitancemuseum and the Jewish Theatre. You will also visit the memorial of the Auschwitz monument in the Wertheim Park. The guide will also tell more about the life of Anne Frank.

We recommend this tour to everyone who is interested in the Amsterdam Jewish History! Tickets for Anne Frank House are not included!

Departure time: 


Departure location: 

In front of the Portuguese Synagogue (Meester Visserplein 3)


Experienced guide in English


1,5 hour

This tour is not suitable for people who have difficulties with walking