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Enjoy a 4-course meal while seeing the best of Holland!

The Dinner Train provides a unique and tasteful experience that takes you on a journey through the green heart of the Netherlands. Board the train on our red carpet and experience a unique and tasteful 4-course menu inspired by the route of the journey. This is the perfect place to end your day in Amsterdam! 

Enjoy quality food combined with an experience you will never forget. It includes a sparkling welcome onboard drink and coffee or tea with your dessert. We are looking forward to welcoming you on a culinary journey through Holland!

Expect excellent quality foods and a unique view of Holland, for you will navigate from Amsterdam to The Hague and back. A great dining experience in a unique setting. Board the train and be pampered properly by our staff on the Dinner Train!


Amsterdam Central Station

Tour duration: 

3 hours

Departure times: 

Wednesday to Sunday at 19.00 


  • Guided train tour 
  • 4-course dinner 
  • Sparkling welcome drink 
  • Coffee or tea with your dessert 
  • Photo moment in front of the train

Extra information:

  • Amsterdam Central Station is the boarding and arrival point.
  • Upon booking, you will receive the train tickets by e-mail.
  • When arriving at the station, please pay attention to the information displays and the announcements for the actual departure information.


Boarding                    19:00
Departure                   19:15
Arrival                         21:45
Photo moment            21:50
End of tour                  22:00

How does it work?

In order to get to the Dinner Train you have to enter Amsterdam Central Station´s departure and arrival platforms by going through the gates that allow you to enter the platforms. After you have ordered your Dinner Train Experience, you will receive the tickets by e-mail. The tickets come with a QR code which has to be scanned at the gates. After you scanned your QR code, the gates will open and you can go to the right platform, which you can find by looking on the information displays at the Station. 

how does it work

You can choose between meat, fish and vegetarian menu.

You can also order the "Wine and water" option,  that considers 3 glasses of Dinner train wine and mineral water.


Please be on time, for the train has to depart 15 minutes after boarding.

The Dinner Train tickets come with a QR code. This code is to be scanned at the ticket gates and grants access to the platform. You will receive your ticket with QR code in 24 hours!